Dani Crosby

Anchorage Superior Court | Third Judicial District

Dani Crosby

Judge Crosby was appointed to the Anchorage Superior Court in November of 2015. This is her first retention evaluation. Judge Crosby is assigned a civil caseload.

Personal Statement

This is my first retention election. I have learned a great deal in my position as a superior court judge in Anchorage since being appointed in 2015, and I enjoy the job very much.

I strive to give every case the attention it deserves by being prepared and ensuring that each party has the opportunity to be fully heard. I do my best to judge each case fairly. I also do my utmost to treat litigants with respect: the experience of coming to court can be difficult enough, and I try to make parties comfortable while still maintaining the dignity of the courtroom.

If you vote to retain me, please know that I will continue to work hard for the people of the State of Alaska, and that I would be honored to continue to serve.

Alaska is such a special place. My daughter and I enjoy getting outside together, as does our dog, Remy (who is one of four pets, including a rabbit, fish, and hamster). Our other hobbies include baking enormous and unnecessary amounts of sweets.

Thank you for reading my statement.

Judge Dani Crosby Judge Dani Crosby Judge Dani Crosby
Judge Dani Crosby
Judge Dani Crosby

Performance Findings

The Council conducts a thorough performance review of each judge standing for retention. Key findings for Judge Crosby include:

  • Ratings by justice system professionals: Attorneys and social services professionals who appeared before Judge Crosby gave her very good reviews, as did court employees. The chart shows the survey ratings received by Judge Crosby.
  • Ratings by jurors: The Judicial Council surveyed jurors who served in trials before Judge Crosby during 2018 and 2019. The jurors rated Judge Crosby 5.0 overall on a five-point scale. One juror commented, “Excellent courtroom management. Clear and concise on instructions, and easy to follow instructions.”
  • Professional activities: The Council’s review of Judge Crosby’s professional activities showed significant contributions to her community and to the administration of justice. Judge Crosby served as the Chair of the court system’s Civil Rules Committee, and she was a member of the Judicial Conduct Rules and Trauma-Informed Courts committees. She regularly volunteered at the Pioneer Home and organized a “morning of music” at the Anchorage courthouse with a nationally recognized cellist performing.
  • Other performance indicators: The Council’s review of other performance indicators, including Judge Crosby’s financial and conflict of interest statements, disqualifications from cases, and appellate reversal rates, raised no performance concerns.
  • Timeliness: Alaska law requires judges’ pay be withheld if a decision is pending longer than six months. The Council verified that Judge Crosby was paid on schedule, and she certified that she had no untimely decisions.
  • Ethics: There were no public disciplinary proceedings against Judge Crosby, and the Council’s review found no ethical concerns.
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